Photo’s Taken In Alaska

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Seward Alaska Exit Glacier

Explanation of Glaciar makup and movement.

Alyeska Glaciers

5 Glaciers
5 Glaciers
5 Glaciers
Alyeska Resort tram
Alyeska Resort Area

Matanuska Glacier

I have always wanted to stand on a glacier. When I went to Alaska I told my son that we had to make my dream come true. I was able to stand on the Matanuska glacier.

These are taller than they look

My Son & Friend
This Is Me Standing On A Glacier
No Sign Saying Leaving

Alberta Banff National Park

The lakes in Alaska are a pretty turquois. The Glaciers deposit ground up minerals which make the lakes look turquois..

BC Columbian Ice Field Hamber PROV.

BC Yahoo National Park Glaciers

Some more of the turquois looking lakes.

Sign Post Forest

Sign Post Forest is made up of hundreds of license plates from all over.

My Son
This bird is a wild one and came up to jump into my son's hand

Some Of The Alaskan Wild Life

The bears were right beside the highway. People were getting out of their cars to get a picture. Some were about three hundred feet away from their cars. If the bears decided to charge them they couldn’t get away.

Black Bears Picking Berries.


Updated 9/5/21