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It is made up of the following items:

  1. Desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium version. Used for my personal data.
  2. Desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium version. Used for my developement programs.
  3. Desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium version. Used for my radio computer.
  4. Desktop running Windows 10 Premium. Used as a server.
  5. HP Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium version. Used as my radio controller and for running Ham Radio Deluxe. I use this computer to do my PSK 31, SSTV and other digital modes when on the road.
  6. HP Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium version. Used for my weather station.
  7. Eight monitors to go with all the desktop computers.
  8. One printer.

  1. Yaesu FT-2000. Used to do digital modes and for MARS.
  2. Yeasu FTDX-5000D w/SM-5000, DMU and monitor. Used for Phone and Digital if needed.)
  3. Flex 6500. Used as Voice, Digital and MARS.
  4. Kenwood TS-2000. Used as backup MARS, digital and UHF/VHF.
  5. Kenwood ID-5100A FM Dual Bander. 1 used in motorhome and 1 in my truck.
  6. Icom ID-5100A Deluxe. 1 used in my Suburban.
  7. Icom ID-7100. Used in the shack and the motorhome.
  8. Yeasu FTM-350AR used as portable for any events.
  9. HAND HELD: Yeasu FT-60 Dual Band radio, Two Wouxun KG-UV2D Dual Band radios, One Icom ID-51.
  10. OLD EQUIPMENT: Two Ranger AR3500 10 Meter Radio's, Two 10 Meter 500 watt amplifiers for the radios.
  1. Yaesu Quadra System (Yeasu VL-1000 Amp and VP-1000 Power Supply. Can put out over 1kw)
  2. Ameritron AL-811H. Used with the Flex 6500 and TS2000..
  3. Ameritron ALS-500M 500 watt amp, ARB-704 Amp interface buffer and ALS-500M Remote Control. Used with Kenwood TS-2000.
  1. Yeasu DMU-2000, Acer 16" HD Monitor, Yaesu SP-2000 Speaker.
  2. Yeasu SM-5000.
  1. Yaesu MD-100 Dynamic Microphone.
  2. Kenwood MC-80 desk mic.
  1. SignaLink USB for digital work with Kenwood TS-2000 and the FT-2000.
  2. Rigblaster Duo for Digital work for two radios. (Not used now.)
  3. MFJ-1263. (Used for one mic to operate both HF radios.)(Not used now)
  4. MFJ-616 Speach Intelligability Enhancer. (Used with the Heil Headset Not used now.)
  5. Headset: Heil Pro-set Plus.
  6. Headset: Flex Radiosystem Headset by Radiosport.
  7. Foot Switch: Heil Foot Switch.
  8. Audio equipment: Behringer 1204 audio mixer. Using the Heil headset and Shure SM58 mic. (Not used now),  
  9. MFJ-624E Telepatch II, Deluxe Hybrid Phone Patch. (Used for MARS.)
  1. Mosley Pro 57-B-40, Mounted 60', Six band 40 thru 10.
  2. Buckmaster OCF Dipole, Mounted 45' inverted "V", Seven bands 75/80 to 6 meters.
  3. FTD-65 and FTD90 Folded Dipoles. (not used now)
  4. One Comet GP-3 2M/440M, Elk VHF/UHF antenna, 2 meter/ 440 meter Log Periodic.
  5. Cushcraft A270-6S 2 meter/70CM yagi antenna.
  6. Rotator: Yaesu G-1000DX A.
  7. Rotator: Ham IV. Used on tower for the Cushcraft MA5B antenna. (waiting for a tower. will be used for Flex 6500)
  8. Rotator: Radio Shack. Used for UHF/VHF antenna's. (waiting for tower)
  9. US Tower 55 Foot tower.
  10. Antenna switch: Ameritron coaxial 4 antenna switch with remote coax switch.

  1. Icom ID-5100A FM Dual Bander mounted in my 2012 Silverado. (Will be mounted in the motorhome when traveling.)
  2. Icom ID-5100A Deluxe. One mounted in my 2003 Suburbon.
  3. Antennas: HF: Eeagle 1 push up vertical diapole, Three UHF/VHF: Diamond 2 meter/ 440 meter.
Webmaster (W9MNC) Michael Condon
Saturday, May 19, 2018 7:56 PM