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In August 2011 I went to Alaska to see my son. He is in the Air Force and is being transferred to the lower 48. I flew up to see him and the area before we left on the trip down the Alaskan Highway. If you on interested in photo's of my trip click on ALASKA TRIP.

IN THE BEGAINING: I was born in 1943 so I have been around for a few years. I was born in Seattle Washington. My father was in the Navy at the time stationed in Seattle. After he got out of the Navy we returned home to Madison Wisconsin. In 1953 we moved to Monona Wisconsin. I went to Monona Grove High School until I quit and joined the Army. I spent a total of 6 years in the Army. After the Army I had an Air Force recruiter talk me into going into the Air Force. I did that for 17 years. When I retired from the military my family and I returned to Madison Wisconsin. In 1989 I built a house in Oregon Wisconsin and lived there until 2015. We moved from Oregon Wisconsin to Dunnellon Florida in May of 2015.

THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE: My wife is from the Philippines. We were married on April 12, 1972. We have three children, 2 men and 1 lady. I have one man and two lady's from my first marriage. I have thirteen grandchildren and one great greand child currently.

THE SECOND HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE: I was planning on retiring in 2009. I had a big surprise in 2004 when I found out that I had cancer in my neck. This was November 2004 and then again in 2005. That year and a half was no fun at all. I was on disability leave from work until 2009. I was then forced to retire and do the put your foot up and relax thing. When you got cancer I think that the cure was worse than the cancer. I am past the 5 years so I am supposed to be cancer free, I hope. I am still suffering from the cure and probable will be the rest of my life. At least I am still alive.

OFFICIATING: After my retirement from the Air Force I have worked at several different vocations. I was a softball (fast and slow pitch) umpire for about 22 years, I umpired baseball for the same amount of time. I refereed basketball for adult and youth for about 24 years. I also did 8 years as a football umpire and soccer referee.

TEACHING: I was teaching motorcycle safety in the Phillippines and Madison Wisconsin starting in 1982 while I was still in the Air Force. After retireing I started teaching in Madison Wisconsin in 1984. Teaching people of all ages how to ride a motorcycle was fun and very stressful at times. I liked teaching. I retired from teaching in 2012.

COMPUTERS: I have taken a lot of computer classes for different PC software. I worked for the post office for a year and when I was having problems with my wrists they wouldn't let me change jobs so I had to quit. I really wanted to be a computer programmer but couldn't get into the program because of a waiting list. I went to barber school and worked as a barber until I could get into the computer program. I have been programming mainframe computers ever since 1989. I have been building my own computers since 1991. I bought a computer from a store and they told me that it could be expanded. I wanted to add more memory and a bigger hard drive. They said that I couldn't do it so I went out and got the parts and put my own computer together. Now the only computers that I buy are lap tops. When they let me get the parts for them I will start building my own laptops also. When I quit High School I thought that I was done with school. Boy was I wrong. I have been going ever since and as a teacher I have to take classes every year. I guess when I stop all of my jobs I may be able to finish going to school.

STILL GOING: In my years of education, I have received two associate degrees, one for administration of justice and one for computer programmer. I guess now the correct term is software engineer. I am now retired from all of my jobs. I have numerous certificates. I am a motorcycle safety instructor, teach people of all ages how to ride a motorcycle.

STILL SERVING MY COUNTRY: After I had cancer and retired I wanted to do something besides watching the soaps all day. That is when I decided to get into being a HAM. After getting my license I became invalved with a club in Madison that was weather spotters. I also joined the ARES/RACES. In Florida I became involved with the Marian County Emergency Management Team, ARES and CERT. That's where I am at this time.


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